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  • It's 58 highly detailed photo repair instruction guides that are perfect for casual and serious riders alike
  • It's over 300 studio quality photos.
  • It's 95 bicycle tips and tricks, including common aches and pains while on the bike 
    • There are simple things to do to get rid of that knee pain.

It's even more...



    • From the main screen you have access to your current local weather and today's forecast. It also suggests you what to wear based on the temperature.



    • Gather all information about your bike's parts, keep a history of the maintenance tasks you have performed and even add reminder on tasks to be performed.

    • The next time the bike shop asks you a question about your bike, or when you shop for parts online, you will have every detail about your bike in your pocket.



    • You don't remember what you should wear when it's 8°C (46°F)? Don't worry, check our suggestions list, or even better, check you own outfits list. 

    • Keep track of the clothes you wear at a certain weather condition and rate them. Next time, you'll know what to wear or not.



    • Pick any cycling news feed from over 40 sources amongs the most popular cycling web sites.



    • For things we do often but can’t remember. Like what's the side to turn the wrench to remove the pedals? Or should I tighten the H or the L screw?.

Android Tips and Tricks
Save Time and Money

For the price of two coffees, you'll be able to do the repairs and the maintenance yourself. When the bike shop is busy, you have to wait a week to get your bike back. This headache is over with the Bike Repair App. You do everything yourself and save time and money.


Are you tired of searching the web to find your solution? Most web sites are not well structured and have too much text to read before finding your solution. Then you go to the garage to fix your bike and realize you have forgotten half of what you have read online. Bike Repair on your mobile device is the solution. You have your reference with you all the time.

Our Friends

SizeMyBike is the first iPhone bike fitting app.

Define your anatomy with 6 body measurements and SizeMyBike will compute the optimal geometry of your road bike or your mountain bike.

A Cycling Coach App for iPhone
The first professional cycling app for reaching your full potential !


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